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Are you suffering from back, Neck or shoulder pain?

Standard Initial Consultation £110   

Book today for only £35

Are you suffering from back, Neck or shoulder pain?

Standard Initial Consultation £110   

Book today for only £35

Start Your Journey To Wellness
If you’re reading this it’s very likely you’re experiencing pain, stiffness or loss of mobility. For you, this is a distress purchase – I’ve got this problem, make it go away, so I can get on with my life!

For us, this is the start of your journey to wellness and it’s our insistence on digging deeper to discover and rehab the drivers of your pain – usually joint mobility, trunk stability and posture/breathing – that makes us unique in this area.


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We’ll  start by assessing you and put a plan together so you always know what’s the cause of your symptoms, how you can help yourself, what we’ll be doing for you, how long it’ll take and how much it’ll cost. Most of our patients are experiencing considerable relief in around six sessions if it’s a recent problem or a little longer if it’s a been around for some time.


Just because you’re out of pain doesn’t mean you’re out of trouble! You’re brain is smart and prioritises your survival. What started as an adaptation quickly becomes your new ‘normal’. Long after the pain has gone the limp persists. It’s in this phase that we focus on Correction – finding the underlying drivers of the pain that caused you to come in and see us. The key issues are joint mobility, trunk stability, posture and breathing.


Just because you’re out of pain, moving better, your trunk is stabilising effectively and your posture/breathing has all improved doesn’t mean you’re ‘good to go’. Movement is organised in patterns in your brain. Your nervous system learns through repetition. Without repetition of efficient movement patterns, first unloaded and then against resistance, its probable that you will relapse into your previous ‘go-to’ pattens eventually leading to recurrences of pain. In order to prevent recurrences your third phase of care is a mix of ‘hands on’ treatment plus movement drills which can be done without equipment and in anycontext. Your work, daily walk, sport, hobbies can now be the context in which you perform your drills. Every day is a training day!


Most of our patients who follow this journey to wellness value the learning and experiences as well as the improvement in their health and never want to go back to where they were at the start. In order to maintain their hard earned gains they become part of our wellness community.

Your Safety

Here at the BAC we take the safety of our clients and team members seriously. We have put protective measures in place throughout our centre.

Hand sanitation
Before entering the building you will be asked to use hand sanitiser. We also have stations throughout the centre.
We have a PPE station, upon your arrival you will be asked to use the PPE supplied for the duration of your visit.
Please keep 2 meters apart at all times during your visit.
When having your physical consultation, precautions will be taken, by our team members to ensure safety.
further bookings
Any further bookings will be taken via telephone.

Are you suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain?

This offer includes:

  • Your initial consultation - A deep dive into your complaint through a detailed history and thorough examination
  • A personalised treatment plan - To understand exactly what is causing your problem, what can be done about it, how long it's likely to take and how much it'll cost.
  • Your first session of treatment  - Begin your journey to wellness.

Standard Price £110.

Book today for only £35.

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