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The BAC clinics provide assessment and treatment for a wide range of conditions using osteopathy,  medical acupuncture, sports therapy and massage.

Our dedicated team are here to help you achieve the freedom you want.

Paul Clusker
Osteopath & Medical Acupuncturist
Paul has been continuously involved in the field of natural health care provision for almost 40 years. Today he runs two busy practices in the West Midlands providing Osteopathy and Acupuncture. He maintains full registration with the following bodies: General Osteopathic Council (G.Os.C.), The British Medical Acupuncture Society (B.M.A.S).

• G.Os.C. Registration number 4/3367/F
• B.M.A.S. Registration number 05978

Paul has been able to encourage people to look after themselves, their families and even their pets using natural healthcare methods alongside the more familiar, orthodox methods. He says his aim is to ‘lead patients to get better quicker and stay well for longer’. To do this he invests his time and money in continuous training to always stay ahead.

In his search to better understand musculo-skeletal problems and how to fix them Paul has recently completed training with Gray Cook and Lee Burton, the founders of an innovative assessment screen and method of individualised corrective exercise prescription widely used by virtually all top flight sports teams and individuals. Paul is now able to offer the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) to produce individualised exercise prescriptions to help correct motor patterns ie movements which are contributing to reduced performance or pain.
In 2014 Paul completed the demanding instructor training course to teach Kettle Bells with the original Russian instructors who brought this method from the Soviet Union to the west. Kettle bells are acknowledged to be a highly effective way to build usable (functional) strength which is the foundation to good movement patterns, safe manual handling and performance enhancement. He is now integrating simple kettle bell exercises as part of the full rehab program for many musculo skeletal conditions as well as weight loss for health. When combined with the Functional Movement Screen it can be a highly effective part of athlete conditioning. In 2015 Paul began to study with the Prague School of Rehabilitation which has transformed the methods and focus of clinical assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and conditioning. In 2020 the clinical team have all invested in training in Activator Methods (an ultra low force method of assessment and correcting musculoskeletal dysfunction) which has been well researched over the past 50 years and will be introduced in both clinics.
Daniela Ceausu
Spinal Therapist
For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to work with people and specifically with musculo sketetal health problems. Having looked at what was available to me in my home country, Romania, and elsewhere in Europe I settled on Coventry University to study as a Sports Therapist.

After three happy years studying in Coventry I graduated from Coventry University as a Sports Therapist with a First Class Honors degree and overall the highest grades in my year. Since graduating I have become a certified member of the Society of Sports Therapists.

Whilst at University I applied my skills in a number of sporting environments as well as working in the University clinic treating athletes, students, lecturers and members of the public.

However, my real-world education began when I joined the Backcare & Acupuncture practice in 2017. Today I work alongside Paul as an associate of the practice but only after three years of constant clinical supervision, informal teaching and regular attendance on a variety of post graduate courses ranging from lower limb assessment and orthotic prescription, to Musculo skeletal acupuncture, neurology and clinical communication skills and recently assisting in passing on those skills to the next crop of young practitioners who are standing where I stood some years ago.
Shane Henry
Graduate Sports Therapist
 Hello! My name is Shane and I'm your Sports Therapist at the Backcare & Acupuncture Clinic. I graduated from the University College Birmingham in 2015 and began my voyage to where you see me today. I spent over two years working in the NHS alongside Physiotherapists in the rehabilitation and outpatients MSK clinics. I really enjoyed my time within the NHS working as part of a team. It was an intense, demanding and also rewarding environment in which to quickly grow as a therapist as it expanded my learning and has hugely influenced how I work in my practice today.

Other valuable working experiences included working in a private gym, supporting charities at the London Marathon and Iron Man events and providing sports therapy for West Brom Ladies FC.

I have a passion for making a difference to people's lives and have found massage to be a positive and effective way to get you back on track living your life how you want to live it. I would describe my personality as outgoing as I’m not afraid to be myself - I once won a breakdancing competition on a family holiday. The only reason being the judges said I did all my moves without my hat falling off at all, I guess I’m in the wrong profession.
Michelle Thompson
Clinical Assistant
Emma Bagnall
Clinical Assistant
Claire Gregory
Personal Assistant

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